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Despite everyone saying that it is pointless idea to create a post about charity on my blog. Since it has nothing to do with what my site is about, which is marketing. And it will not in anyway contribute to my efforts of making this blog ‘the go-to’ in the industry.

Yes, I admit… publishing this page won’t have an impact on my SEO. It won’t deliver more comments, likes or shares. It won’t help me in any way.

But maybe… just maybe… it will touch the hearts of people who read my blog post and inspire them to follow the suit to support a charity… like the one I want to introduce here. 

Its called Child’s Dream Foundation. Its founders Marc Thomas Jenni and Daniel Marco Siegfried along with the team have done an incredible altruistic work by creating organization that focuses on providing healthcare and education to marginalized societies especially children in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and China.

They ‘…focus on education because it is proven to be one of the most important factors for sustained social and economic development.

Education promotes a culture of peace, tolerance and understanding and builds the foundation of diversity, human rights and freedom…’

…Looking back at my life, which began in Russian Siberia, the seemingly impossible dream of travelling and visiting places like Sydney, Australia when the borders were closed and visas were given to only rare few, I made my dream a reality.

How? Unlike many other kids, in Siberia, I had a privilege of education and thirst for wanting to know more. 

I loved reading books and sharing my knowledge with peers, which has led me to becoming a junior correspondent for a regional newspaper for teens and my other successes in Media.

Education, in fact, made me who I am now. It has allowed me to improve my life, the freedom I enjoy today and the opportunity to share my knowledge with others, which is my greatest passion of all. 

It is the sole reason why my dreams have become a reality and it is my only catalyst for change. I believe any organization should support a good cause and be a good corporate citizen. 

Every successful entrepreneur I aspire to be – be it Richard Branson the Founder Of Virgin Group or Anita Roddick – the Founder of the Body Shop or Mary Kay, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk etc. etc.

They all stood for a good cause. And I hope one day, you will too (if you are not supporting a charity yet) give back to humanity. 

Please take time to learn about this charity. By following this link. Maybe you would one day help them in their cause to provided education to children in marginalized societies.

Feel free to join their list and donate. And remember, dreams are possible. For you, me and every member of humanity.

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