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> Part 3 of 4: A Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Your Site’s Conversions Russ A Khisameev

How Many Clients Do You Want This Month? Is It One Thousand? Five? or Ten?


(Just pause for a moment and think about it then get back to reading this article).


If you apply what I am sharing with you below, you will certainly  reach your desired conversion goals.


It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or already have a solid client base this article is for you if you want to discover new ways  to increase your conversion rate.


1. Create Content with Search Engines in Mind

If you really want to increase your conversions, you need to integrate your content with search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and alike. This is not voluntary – its a must.


You need to optimize your site around a ‘key phrase’, which ultimately defines what your blog is about so that you get more organic search traffic to your site, appear on the first page of Google and be easily found by your prospects online.


The more relevant these keywords are to what your blog is about, the more traffic you get to your platform.


Therefore, the importance of staying ‘on topic’ to what your blog is about cannot be understated. You need to do everything you can to stay within your theme using keywords and key phrases your audience uses when looking for information online and then rank for them in various search engines.


Google Keyword Tool should be your best friend when defining phrases that are most widely used by your audience.


So, before you write anything, start your content creation adventure with Google Keyword Tool.

  1. STEP: Look for topic by identifying what keywords or phrases get the most amounts of searches.
  2. STEP: Then, type your primary keyword or phrase into Google Keyword Tool to identify your subtopics, which relate to your topic.
  3. STEP: Choose at least three keywords and create subtopics around those.


If you do this and keep your content from wandering off in to irrelevant topics, you will see increase in your search engine rankings. And you will get more qualified traffic as the result.


Once you get those keywords, don’t forget to use them in HTML areas such as title tag, meta tags, anchor text in links and permalinks in addition to content.


You don’t have to worry about anything else as long as you do that. If you keep your content 100 per cent relevant to your primary topic, your keyword density will take care of itself.



2. Add Images, Video and Testimonials to Trigger Emotions


Another great way of increasing conversions is to add images, videos and testimonials to trigger emotions. Your prospects will only buy from you if you make them feel something.


So, make them feel they are part of your community. Empower them with your images and videos. Inspire your audience through testimonials. Let your audience to emotionally bond with you this will increase your conversions as a result.



2.1 Using Images for Your Blog or Site 


Multiple studies have proven, your prospects will trust you more if they can see who you are.

And there is no better way to introduce yourself than adding a genuine and original photograph of yourself, your customers or your team to any website header or landing page.


People say a picture is worth a thousand words, I say picture is worth a thousand sales because your image turns a faceless pile of words into a personal endorsement from you.


Please make sure, however, that a professional photographer takes your photo.


Get a feedback from all your friends to ensure that your picture captures the true essence of who you are, makes you friendly, engaging and professional.


Use images to enhance the point you want to make as well as to create a visual experience for your customers.


Pictures are powerful.


They can help you grab your prospects attention and significantly boost your conversions as the result.


Or, create the contrary effect, distract from the point you are trying to make and negatively effect your conversions.


You need to make sure that your images are clear and professional. They should be aligned with your overall branding. And they should help you highlight the point you want to make.


So, don’t just put any stock photo that relates to your point. Instead, find a professional designer and ask him to create images for you. You can get professional designers at or  to help you create stunning images for very low prices.



2.2 Videos  


Considering that video now appears in 70% of the top 100 search results listings and that viewers are anywhere from 64% to 85% more likely to buy after watching a video.


You cannot afford to miss on using videos for your website. It is indeed one of the most powerful conversion and traffic generation tool available.


There are so many advantages to using videos; it adds to your static page motion making it more engaging. It helps to captivate viewers’ attention enhancing your message by using images and sounds. It increases the amount of time people spend on a page.


And most importantly, study by shows that using video on landing pages can increase conversions by staggering 80%.


Its been also stated that adding your video to You tube and optimizing it for SEO makes your website 52 times more likely to come up on page one of Google.


You will definitely see big increase in conversions if you use video to tell your brand story.


You should also use videos to introduce sales, for products descriptions and training that you provide. They are great tool for creating engagement and inspiring your customers to act.



2.3 Testimonials


When it comes creating a website that converts, testimonials are a must.


They establish credibility and inspire trust in the minds of prospects, which are imperative for high conversions.


And because they are often the last element your prospects consider when deciding whether to take action on your message or not.


You need to make sure that you display testimonials on all pages of your website or blog.


These are your sales pages, blog posts, social media pages, subscription pages and most importantly, your home page.


For online businesses testimonials can be even more useful than traditional businesses because visitors are often skeptical or hesitant to trust someone online. So, they look for testimonials before deciding whether they take action on a given marketing message.


Whether your business is online or offline, you need to learn how to create testimonials that convert.


The best testimonials you can have on a website is a video of customer telling the world how your product or service helped their specific situation.


Testimonials that convert are based on the answers to objections or fears that prevent your customers from taking action. They should inspire your customers to act by demonstrating specific results you helped your clients get. And last but not least, your testimonials must be authentic and genuine.


Exaggerated results, hype and unrealistic promises given in testimonials can create negative outcomes.


Finally, make sure your written testimonials have images of customers who give them. Create video testimonials for your site. Both are proven to result in higher conversions because of its visual appeal.



3. Create Irresistible Offers for High Conversions


Creating an irresistible offer is another critical element for high conversions you can’t afford to ignore.


Apart from the fact that your offer must have clear selling points and explain why your prospects should take action right now, your offer should have the following elements: 



Value  – simply means that you need to give your audience what they need. In other words, if your offer solves the problem they are facing right now – it represents value to your customers.



Incentive – it must offer some rewards for taking action. These could be bonuses or discounts, which are introduced with some form of scarcity or urgency to move prospects into action.



Your offer should also have a Guarantee, which removes fears associated with taking action on the offer.


The title of your offer should be results-driven or outcome focused to get your prospect to act on your message. It needs to be specific and have a tangible appeal. Abstract non-specific titles and offers will lead to lower results.


In example, Free Traffic Generation Toolkit should convert better than Free Traffic Tips and Updates or One Simple Trick to Lose 10 Kilos this Month should convert better than 7 Strategies to Stay Fit.


So, keep this in mind… And don’t forget to make your content more personal. Using conversational style, addressing prospects with the word ‘You’ have proven to be essential for highly converting offers and blog pages.


Avoid using corporate language at all costs as it makes your website boring and impersonal. In other words, write from your heart and not from the dictionary. 



Price is another very important element of your offer. Generally speaking, your prospects should feel that their action to subscribe to your free opt-in offer should out weight their investment of time spent on filling out your subscription form.


When it comes to defining the Value vs. Price ratio, there is no specific measurement that is widely acknowledged as the right one.


However, if your perceived value 10 times more than what you ask for in return – you won’t get it wrong for sure.


Perceived Value of Your Offer Must Be Ten Times More Than What You Ask in Return


You can use some other evidence to support your credibility. It could be that you have partnered with some recognised organisations or have been featured by local or national Media. Use those engagements to your advantage by placing their logos on your home page.


Along with testimonials, they usually become the last critical element that moves your prospect into action getting them to subscribe or purchase your offer.


But still, don’t forget to ask your prospects to act on your message by providing a strong Call-to-Action. Without you saying what you want them to do, your prospects simply won’t do it, which may lead to you significantly losing on conversions.


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