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> Facebook Group Rules

When you become a part of our MYM Private Community and other Communities created by us, GAI IAA Training Academy, you are agreeing to the rules listed below:

If you don’t agree with the rules given, please remove yourself from the group.

  1. No self-promotion except for the times you get our permission to do it. You put information about your business within our threads in which it is implicitly stated.

    Definition of Self-Promotion: 

  • Selling anything – that means products, services, courses, events and programs
  • Promoting your webinar or event
  • Posting a link to your OWN website – however you can totally share someone else’s if you think it will help the group!
  • Posting affiliate links…ever – that’s just wrong
  • Posting your own content in the group and not in a specific (and relevant) thread
  • Posting links to surveys to help build your business
  • Posting photos with your social handles, URLs or business name on them
  • Posting “free” offers

You can however, post your link to your website, group, FB page, webinar, survey, offer and social profiles in one of our threads, in which it is implicitly stated.  But that’s the only time 🙂 

We may break our own rule and promote something if we feel as though it is of service to the group. We reserve that right as it is our group and community.  

  1. Do not post in the group and ask people to PM you to find out more about what you offer, how you can help or how to work with you. 
  2. Be polite. Don’t try to bend the rules. We give NO second chances. 

That means respecting peoples feelings, privacy and rights to their work. If you’re rude or disrespectful or spammy – we will ban you without letting you know about it.

  1. Provide genuine and helpful feedback and suggestions to others.  Remember: We are all here to help each other…so give more than you take, please.
  2. We tell the truth whether you like it or not. We express our point of view. If that offends you, if you are too sensitive etc. this probably isn’t the group for you and you should remove yourself now. 

 Other than that, let’s have some fun!

**Note: These rules are subject to change without notice. It’s on you to keep updated and abide by all rules**


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