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> How to Double Your BUSINESS In A Matter of Days Russ A Khisameev

You are in business doing what you love full-time. You get paid 6 to 7 figures, enjoy the ‘lifestyle business’, and have the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you want.


Most importantly, the stress from questions like, “Where will my next client come from?” and “How will I afford to pay my rent this month?”do not overwhelm you.


Or, the frustration you get commuting to work and asking yourself, “How many more days do I have to put up with odd jobs that I don’t like just to keep my head above water?”


Those questions and concerns are long in the past.


This is how I envision your reality in the near future. Because I know you deserve this. You do God’s work. You are coming from the heart and you are trying to help people by following your passion.


Below are some strategies to help you get your weekends back and to double your business in the next 30 days or so. So, make sure you read this article until the end and take action on the steps and tactics outlined.


Step One: Determine Your Customer Avatar

OK. Let’s get started, shall we?.. When it comes to marketing your business, the first step is to determine your customer avatar.

Your customers avatar is a buyer persona that purchases your particular products and services. Any given business may have one or few of those.

You may already have some idea of your buyer persona but you’re probably a little bit confused because you think your customer avatar is a female between the ages of 18 to 50 living in Sydney, Australia, suffer from anxiety, back pain and gastrointestinal issues.

Hang on..!


This is pretty much everybody with a pulse. It is way to broad. This isn’t the right way to determine your customer avatar. And by the way, your target audience, your customer avatar, your market niche, and your ideal clients are not all the same.


They do not refer to the same things. Well, sort of… I talk about this and help my audience determine what they are in my webinars.


There, I help coaches like you find something they really love to do, combine it with something the market needs, and identify the market they were meant to serve. You can find some information in this article


For now, let’s focus on your customer avatar. This is a figure created out of characteristics your customers share. Keep in mind that your business may have more than one customer avatar.


For example, people who suffer from anxiety may be different from those who have back pain or gastrointestinal issues.


So, you can choose one specific problem such as anxiety and then determine your customer avatar for this market niche. And then move onto the next one and the next one and so on…


Any Given Business May Have Multiple Customer Avatar Or Buyer Personas. 


Please note, needs are niches. In the case of a naturopath, anxiety is a niche, for which he or she may provide a solution.  Please also note, having a very generalised customer avatar requires a very broad solution. 


Thats why its a Massive NO NO !!! You have to have a specific person in mind. 


Have you ever seen a medicine that cures all diseases? If you go to a pharmacy and see a tube with a title ‘cures everything’ would you buy it?


Maybe you would but often times people wouldn’t. That’s why you see the same product say Nurofen, which is painkiller marketed as if it is targeting a specific problem i.e. sore throat, cold and flu, migraine but in reality the main ingredient for all is still ibuprofen.


People Prefer to Buy Specific Products and Services to Resolve Their Specific Problems.


Thus, your customer avatar should also be S-P-E-C-I-F-I-C.


I repeat…


People Prefer To Buy Specific Products to Resolve Specific Problems.


So,  you want to address a specific audience with a specific message and provide a specific solution to specific problem.    




Here are the questions I want you to answer:


Who is your customer avatar? Male or Female? Or, maybe gender is irrelevant? How old is your customer avatar? (Give one specific age). Where does she or he like to hang out?


(Use your intuition or imagination if you don’t know your customer avatar yet)


What are this person’s fears and frustrations? What are his or her wants and aspirations? Where do they live? How much do they earn? What’s their occupation and lifestyle?


By determining your customer avatar you are saving yourself from ineffective marketing and even failure in business. Knowing your customer avatar means being aware how to talk to your audience, where to find them and how to make your products and services more appealing.


So, try to be specific. Imagine this person. Give him or her name. See the attributes or the personality traits they share. What do they have in common? 


I want you to go a step further and even get a picture of that person in your mind’s eye.


What keeps them awake at night? What’s troubling them? What brought them to you? Is the problem they describe the symptom, not the cause, of something deeper and much more serious?


What is it? What do they want? What do they think the need? And what are the results, the benefits they want to get by working with you? Take out a pen and paper or open your laptop and describe this person now.



Let’s get the Internet work for you?

Facebook is the best way to find clients. I know you’ve probably used it in the past but found it hard to acquire new clients, and paid Facebook ads are just a little bit out of range for your budget…

You probably have a website but you rarely get any business from there too. It mostly serves as a way of telling people about you. You have probably tried some other options with no significant results.


How about creating some free giveaway (aka lead magnet) by placing a subscription feature like the one you can get with Getresponse, Aweber or Mailchimp, and letting your customers know about it on your site?


Just make sure you create something valuable for them. Whether it’s a report, cheat sheets, video or email series, it must be v-a-l-u-a-b-l-e to your clients.


So, the title of your lead magnet should be based on the main benefit your customers receive in exchange for their email addresses.


You can create one generic lead magnet for all your clients or a few that are designed with each customer avatar in mind.


Then, refer your clients to subscribe during consultations. Say something like, “….you can get my free report or ‘what to eat and what to avoid along with must have supplements to cure gastritis’ on my blog.”


Whilst on Facebook try to join groups where your customers hang out. Create your own groups if you like. But never promote to your prospects directly.


This is creepy and it doesn’t really work.


Become a member of groups where your prospects congregate. Participate in discussions but never directly promote yourself. Don’t even mention your professional background.


Those who need your help will check you out and inquire about your services. You can send friend requests to people in those groups if you want but never ever, I repeat, mention your professional background or offer anything including free stuff.


By growing your Facebook friends list, by participating in groups, and by doing what I tell you here you are sure to double your client base in a matter of weeks.


But please remember, you need to start using the Internet. You need to have a ‘keep in touch strategy’ for a follow up and you need to offer greater product range. As purely relying on consultations won’t give you the freedom and the lifestyle you deserve.



How to Ask for a Referral And a Testimonial the RIGHT WAY.


Asking for testimonials is important. Testimonials help build your brand’s credibility. Without credibility no one would ever buy from you. Credibility is the name of the game in today’s business world.

Having quality testimonials and the right strategy to share them are two critical factors to your success.




Quality testimonials don’t just state how you made your clients feel. They outline specific tangible results, tell your client’s story, and describe the benefits your clients reached as a result of working with you.


The best way to utilize testimonials in a marketing strategy is to have them seen by as many potential clients as possible. Having them displayed on your website and shared on Facebook are two of the best ways to gain exposure and more clients.


When someone hears of a person who’s experienced similar challenges and was able to overcome them by hiring you, they are more likely to take action. Especially if you’re recommended by someone they know, like, and trust.


If you have quality testimonials on your site, you have officially sealed the deal with many of your prospects.


But here’s the thing, you’re too shy to ask for testimonials because whenever you ask for one, you’re being held accountable for your results, and you probably feel like you lack credibility in some way.


This is ok. It is perfectly fine to not feel good enough. Trust me we all coaches and consultants struggle with that.


Its okay to not feel good enough. Remember this. But please note, that you are good enough. You are committed to your craft and you are coming from your heart that’s already enough!


And if you are shy asking for testimonials, you can ask for them in a form of a message or e-mail. You can make it a part of the deal and ask for them right in the first meeting.


You can ask for them when you feel that you helped your clients to achieve results they wanted. This could be at the end of your time with them.


There are ways to work around your shyness. Or, work with your shyness. I explain some of them below.


But get out of your comfort zone sometimes. Staying shy is not helping you. I don’t have to tell you this. You know this already.



Female Doctor Treating Patient Suffering With Depression

How to Structure Your Consultation for Maximum Impact.

Let’s say you’re seeing a client for the first time. You can ask them, “what is the ultimate result you want to achieve from working with me?” (Ask this to determine what is the goal they are wanting you to help them reach).


Then, consider asking at the beginning of your session, “what exactly do you want to get out of today’s appointment?”


(This will help you identify a result they have in mind for that particular session. It will help you understand what you should offer them to make them feel it was worth their investment).


Listen carefully to what they are saying.


Help them in some way to come up with a very measurable, tangible result such as ‘losing 5 kilos’, cure my insomnia, holding a hand of a man I love or lifting weights without back pain.


After they describe the results they want, tell them the following:


“If I help you achieve this, will you promise to refer me to at least three of your friends or colleagues?”


If they say yes, you can remind them about this at the end of your work with them. But if you are too shy and don’t feel comfortable asking for referrals upfront, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered.


Here is the solution to this issue.


You can create a registration form to collect their data and include a statement that asks if they agree to refer your services to at least 3 of their colleagues, or friends if they’re happy with your contribution.


You can even ask them to write down some names of people they believe your services will help. Then let them sign this form as a way of making a deal. That way you can let them decide for themselves instead of asking them.


You can even give them referral vouchers with whatever discount you think will motivate your prospects to call you.


During your session with a client, invite them to get free information on your blog. For this you need to have a subscription feature where people can get information they seek in exchange for their email addresses.


Your free information could be a ‘21-day meditation course for those suffering from anxiety’, or a ‘7 Steps to Instant Back Pain Relief’ report for those dealing with back pain.


These free reports, videos or e-mail series are called lead magnet. And you must have them in place to build a consistent business.


What’s important here is that your free stuff must represent value to your audience. It has to help them in some way.


So, the title of your lead magnet should be based on the main benefit your clients get in exchange for their email addresses.


At the end of the session, ask them kindly, “what did you get out of today’s session?” Listen to everything they have to say as this gives you constructive criticism and feedback, and helps your audience become aware of the benefits they’ve gained from the valuable time they’ve spent with you.


Let them say it.


Then, summarize out loud what you think they’ve achieved and what you actually did together during the session.


You must focus during the entire consultation process on WOWing your customers with massive value.


And you need to make them aware of it. You need to make them want to sign up for your next appointment and tell others about you.


Last but not least, at the end of the session, ask them, “when are you available for the next follow up appointment?” Offer them a discount for the next session or propose a program if you feel it’s the right fit for this client.


If they say they’re not available, thank them for coming, and remind them of your free information. But don’t forget to send this email I created below when finishing up with your client.


P.S. This is assuming that you didn’t ask for the referrals during the session. Feel free to customize it or change it any way you like or use it as is.


Dear (client’s name)

As our time together is coming to an end, I want to send you a personal note to let you know how much I appreciate working with you!

It has been my pleasure to help you {e.g. overcome anxiety attacks} – (describe the result your client achieved working with you; try to make it tangible and specific.)

When we started working together, you told me that… your panic attacks were overwhelming, you suffered from insomnia and overeating (describe the main issue your client was struggling with and briefly, if you wish, mention the symptoms or consequences of it.)

Today, I see you as a different person. It feels like another life right? Your face is glowing. You stopped taking medication, and you implemented exercise into your life. (Describe the result you help your client achieve; make it tangible and specific.)

I want to THANK YOU for being part of my journey and for being my client. And I want to give you a gift {e.g. a free health assessment} – (give something of value).

And I would love to stay in touch. Please come see me again and let me know how you do with everything. And please let me know if there is any way I can support you in the future.

P.S. By the way, if you feel like you have benefited from our time together, I would appreciate if you share what I helped you achieve with your friends and colleagues on Facebook.

Thank you from my heart,

Your name
Your signature


Alternatively, you can skip the P.S. and wait for the person to reply. Humans are reciprocal by nature. They will write you back with thanks and good wishes.


If they do, you can send them another email asking for referrals. Here is another template:



I truly appreciate your thanks.

Your gratitude is my greatest reward. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well and {e.g. no longer experience anxiety attacks} – (describe the result you helped your client achieve).

I truly love what I do. My work is my life’s purpose. Fulfillment for me comes from helping people like you achieve their health and wellness goals. I’m on a mission to help more people and see them overcome their health issues.

I would appreciate it if you’d help me spread the good word about my work and share your results with others on Facebook.

With your gracious assistance, I can help more people.

But to really strike a chord with someone and have them act on your message, a simple “I’m better” won’t do. So, could you please briefly:

  • Tell your story. What led you to seek my support in the first place?
  • Explain what specific tangible result or change I helped you achieve
  • What are the benefits of the result I helped you get?
  • What advice would you give to people who are thinking of working with me? Or to those who need my help?

As you know, there are a lot more people out there who need my help. By spreading the word, we can reach them and let them know they’re not alone.

Please share this on Facebook and tag me in your post.

Thank you once again!

Love you always,

Your name
Your signature


If your client struggles with ideas and needs some examples, you can share some testimonials with them; or, your can help them write it but ask them to edit and share it.


By the way, don’t forget to ask them to give you a photo if you want to use their testimonials on your site.


Here’s a good example of a testimonial:


Dear all, I am truly blessed and grateful to be working with Elly (they need to tag you). She is a truly gifted health coach. She has helped me to finally overcome anxiety attacks once and for all.

At times I could not leave my house and do my work and no medication was helping me. I was restless and suffered from insomnia. But today, I am doing so much better. I stopped taking medication, I lost 2 kilos, and I sleep well. Anxiety attacks no more! Morning run is a must and meditation too.

I recommend her services to all who have some health problems. I want everyone to know that drugs are not always the solution. Drugs only fix some symptoms, never the cause!

And if you don’t believe me, try both traditional and alternative methods.

Regards, Glenda Spoonfield


It all starts here…


In this report, I have shared with you how to define your customer avatar and the strategies to market your business more effectively online. I presented you with some templates and examples of testimonials, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to double your client base.


Now it’s your turn to help others. Step up your game. Don’t be timid and shy. It doesn’t help you in any way. It only keeps you where you are and allows you to compromise on your values.


Whenever you’re playing small and belittle yourself, think of those who you’re meant to serve. There are thousands of people out there who need your services but haven’t discovered you yet because you’re playing small.


I’ve given you all the tools you need to take your business to the next level in this report. Go do it! God is with you every step of the way.

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