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> Part 2 of 4: A Step-by-Step Guide to Imroving Your Site’s Conversions Russ A Khisameev

World here you come!

Your website is online and its great!…

(Because you have applied the strategies I have shared with you in my previous post)

Now is the time to fine-tune your platform to get better results, right?

Right… 🙂 

Here is what you need to pay attention to improve your website’s conversion rate by at least 34 per cent.

Its your M-E-S-S-A-G-E you need to consider, first and foremost. 


Your Brand is Your Message !

Before I go ahead with explaining criteria it must adhere to in order to increase conversions, I want to break the common misconception that you message is all about the verbal content you are sharing …because in my opinion its NOT…


Your message isn’t just the words you are using in your headlines or your blog posts.


It is so much more!..


Your message is your name, your branding, your logo, the fonts, images, your signature, writing style, content, words, colours, designs, your story, values, offers, credibility factors etc.


It is in fact all elements of your business that tell something about you and your business in one way or another!


And all these elements must come together to clearly communicate your Unique Value Proposition or the essence of the benefit that you provide.


If it doesn’t – ‘the missing something’ will be the trivial reason why your advertising campaigns fail and your conversions don’t get to the levels you expected.


Put simply, the incoherent message costs you money and reputation.


So, if you want to increase conversions you message must meet the following criteria:

  • It must be relevant, consistent, authentic and coherent across all your branding
  • Your message must educate, entertain, empower and engage.
  • It must demonstrate your voice, your style, your uniqueness and it has to be memorable
  • It must meet and exceed your prospects’ expectations.


Now, let’s consider all of these criteria in detail… Here is the first one…


social-media-tools-11-300x300Your Message Must Be Coherent Across all Your Media Tools…

First things first… If you promise content about ‘buying land’ – you need to make sure that it is about ‘buying land’ and not about a gift your sister gave you at your graduation event.

If your ad says one thing and your copy says another. You are sending incoherent message. And you have got to fix this issue, if you are really serious about increasing conversions.


Whether it is online or offline, not meeting your prospects’ expectations means losing that prospect for good. And who wants that?


That’s right!  Not me. Not you. No-one.


It takes so much effort and time to get that prospect to come to your site but only few seconds to lose them.


And whilst the example I gave you is about two extremely different topics ‘sister’s gift’ and ‘buying land’, it should point your attention to the fact that maybe… just maybe… somewhere on your site…


You are making this mistake to somewhat degree and are losing on conversions because of it…


Again… We can all get it wrong at some point in time… I admit I made this mistake before…


Not cool, right?

branding-mattersYour Message Must Be Consistent

It is also critical that you don’t send incoherent message through visual elements of your site.

In other words, your message must be consistent across all elements.

If you want to be seen as professional who is serious about your business – you need to do everything you can to make your platform tell people exactly that…


You are professional.


Your prospective customers don’t care how credible you are, if your website looks tacky and cheap, their perception of you will be in tune… Speaking of tune…


When you hear orchestra playing you know that all musical instruments involved to produce a piece are in tune with one another.


If one musical instrument does not play in sync, you can hear the distortion and now you can’t help but think about it.


Don’t you think your prospects won’t notice it too?


They will look at your platform as an overall experience and judge it from all angles; your site’s design, your content, offer, credibility factors etc.


And if you don’t make the first impression count, they will leave quickly without giving you a second chance…


That’s why first impression counts. In fact, first impression is the only chance you have to win your prospect.


So, it must be a good one!




Here is another ‘biggie’ to consider…



Your Message Must Be Focused on Your Audience


Here is another most common mistake that goes unnoticed by some entrepreneurs – it is writing a copy and creating experience with the focus on the company or expert.


Your blog should not be all about you. After all, people aren’t thinking of you when browsing – they are thinking about problems they are facing.


So, you need to make sure that your platform is all about them. Just remember, people are interested in…


First, how you can help them (or what’s in it for them) and Secondly… whether your information is credible enough for them to trust it.


So, don’t make a common mistake here! If your website is all about you and not about solutions they are looking for – your site won’t convert well. 


You need to make them feel as if you are talking to them personally…that you ‘get’ them and can help them right now to improve their lives for the better.


…Avoid high-level theory.


Do your best not to be an expert who offers swimming lessons and instead, be the expert who drops your prospects a balloon that will help them stay afloat…


For that you need to know the answers to these very important questions,

  • What’s you customer’s ‘current situation’?
  • What are they thinking about all day long?
  • What keeps them awake at night, eyes staring at the ceiling?
  • What are your prospects’ most urgent compelling needs


*Current situation means situation in which your customers recognise a need or a problem.


Got it?!


Think about it and let me know if it helped…


unique-selling-propYour Message Must Be Unique

Yes! Your message must be UNIQUE to win big in business…

Everyone knows we must stand out… but how many of us are clear on what makes us different?

Maybe one out of ten entrepreneurs is aware about his major selling point… Maybe a couple out of every other ten entrepreneurs can answer with confidence…


Why their clients should buy from them and not their competitors?


So, what’s your answer to this question?


…In your journey to greater conversions, you need to get this right.


If not from the start but at least at some point…


Because if you are not clear what makes your business unique. Guess what!?


Your prospects and customers don’t know it either. And that can be a big reason why your conversion rate isn’t growing.


So, think about what makes you unique because once you learn to clearly communicate it across all your media tools your conversions will raise.



Your Message Must Be Authentic


Your message must state clearly your unique value proposition. It should help you stand out from the myriad of competitors.


And what can help you stand out and connect with your audience better than your personality, your visual elements and your overall personal branding message?


Oftentimes it is you who makes your product or service unique. It is your story; your character and life experiences that will help you connect with your audience.


So, don’t be afraid to be you! In fact, consider this to be your advantage and embrace the values your hold dearest.


Your human side will be the magnet that will multiply your conversions for many years to come.


And most importantly, it will be the reason why your customers will keep coming back to you and refer you to others.


And isn’t that is your ultimate goal?



Your Message Must Educate, Entertain, Empower and Engage


Do you know ‘3E’ Formula?


Many marketers use it to explain the 3 critical elements that must be present in any message for it to become compelling. Well I think another E is missing from it so I added…


These are – Educate, Entertain, Empower and Engage.


Now, please let me explain in detail what do they actually mean…





You must Educate your audience in order to to build relationships with your target group, demonstrate your expertise and help your clients realise the need for your solutions.


Focus on providing valuable information to your clients that helps them understand what you offer, why they need you and what problem you are solving for them.


One of the formulas I use with a lot of clients is, “They Ask, You Answer”. Chances are that if one customer asks you a question, someone else out there has that same question too. No matter how simple or obvious you think the question is, if it’s being asked your job is to answer it.


To get started, take the top 10 most common questions customers ask you and create blog posts for each.


Teach your prospects something new, help them get results through your knowledge and you will take the first step to creating a message that converts.





We socialize on social media; to get away from our long busy day, and to forget about the worries of the world for a moment. Create content that helps your audience do that.


A simple picture, infographic or video can take a dry and boring status update to the post of the week. Even if you are a professional organization, a lawyer, or an accountant, ejecting a bit of humour into your posts and content can draw people in. There is a place and time for seriousness, but make sure you don’t forget about the fun.


When was the last time you paid attention to a boring  monotonous speech of an expert or a lecturer? Was it fun? Was it exciting? Did it prompt you to pay attention?


Most likely not… At least not in the long term… So, create entertaining messages that will help you make a memorable impact. 


Empower empowerment

Empowerment is another critical element to crafting a compelling message that converts. It implies that you need to empower your audience to make things happen. There are a couple of ways you can do this.

One is to provide simple tips and tricks that help your audience overcome their challenges.


And second, you can make them the centre of your content by creating a case studies articles in which people like them have achieved results they aim for by using your products and services.


This will empower them to believe they can do it and help you build further credibility and trust, which are critical to high conversions.





Of all the 4 E’s, ENGAGE is the most important element to conversions 


When someone comments or shares your content it creates a greater level of trust compared to just clicking the “Like” button or casually exploring your blog.


Create content that gets your audience to give you feedback, leave comments and express their opinions.


The more that they engage with your content, the more they will begin to know, like and trust your company or brand until they become advocates for you. Engage

If you have not had much engagement in the past, the best way to attract interested followers is to invite them to participate. The key is to make it easy and not too difficult for them.

Asking questions that require a simple yes or no response creates a comfortable way for your audience to start engaging.


A mix of content that Educates, Empowers, Entertains and Engages will get you on the right path to having a strong social presence. If you put in the effort and execute a plan, you will see how social media can impact your business.




On this note, I want to complete today’s post.


In my next article, I am going to reveal how to improve your site’s conversion rate by choosing the right keywords. I will also talk about various credibility elements critical for building highly converting blog… And so much more!  Stay tuned.

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