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> Part 1 of 4: A Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Your Site’s Conversions Russ A Khisameev

How to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate? 

I bet this question is on your mind right now.

And guess what?… You are not alone… Hundreds of websites come online every single minute.


As of September 2014, the Internet has reached a milestone of 1 billion websites registered.


(You can check the Internet Live Stats page to see how hundreds of websites go live every minute… Its mind blowing to say the least).


Thirty-five some years ago, there was no Internet… Today an average teenager spends more than 27 hours a week online. And a crazy Internet marketer guy like me moved to live in cyberspace for at least 8 hours a day, 56 hours a week, 2,912 hours a year. 


Well… this is reality… in which many of us entrepreneurs live.


Well… at least those who recognize the power of the Internet and incredible opportunities it offers such as to connect with our audience, to build a lifestyle business, to do what we love and make an impact we dream about. But there is a hurdle that comes from incredible number of websites that come online every single day…



Competition is through the roof…


So, what can you do about it?… Well… Whilst you can’t control your competition, you can improve your website’s conversion rate, get better results and grow your influence. This is the only way to win over competition.


With this in mind, I have created these series of posts, in which I outlined what I have discovered whilst increasing my website’s conversion rate.


So, have a read, apply what you have learned and see for yourself. The information below has improved my conversions by 34 per cent, hopefully it will have similar effect on yours too. 



Here is How I Increased My Website’s Conversion Rate by at Least 34 % 


Let’s make sure that you understand what conversion rate means.


I’d like to explain what it is and how does the value of a conversion relates to the return on investment of a marketing campaign.


Conversion happens when someone takes action on your message by buying your products and services, subscribing to your newsletter, giving you a call, sending a message or requesting more information.


Please Note: When marketers talk about conversions, they typically refer to sales but it also means all of the above things.


If you know what your conversion is worth to you as well as the percentage of traffic visiting your webpage versus the traffic that does convert (your conversion rate), then you can calculate return on investment of your marketing campaign:


  • Divide total amount of sales by a total number of traffic. Let’s say you had 1000 clicks (amount of traffic) and a total of 100 sales, then your conversion rate is 10%.
  • To calculate return on investment (ROI) you need to divide revenue by the total cost of advertising. So, if your total cost of advertising is 20$ and your revenue is 100$ then, your return on investment is 5$.


To increase your conversion rate you need two critical elements:


  1. Firstly, you need to get quality traffic. In other words, people that you send to your website must be the ones who fit your ideal client profile. (I highlighted word quality because I want you to make a note of the fact that any traffic you send to your website does not automatically mean you are going to increase your conversion rate).
  1. Secondly, your platform should have irresistible offers (Aka lead magnets also known as free offers) for your prospective customers to take action and leave their contact details in exchange for their contact details.


(I am sure you know all about it… but are you really applying it on your blog? If you are – great! If you don’t – then you know what you need to do to change this. Creating irresistible offers and getting quality traffic should be your top priorities.  


Ok. Let’s consider the next most important factor for highly converting blog.



The Ultimate Most Important Factor for Highly Converting Blog is…


Have you chosen specific market segment, created specific solution for your target audience’s specific need and offered it in a form of a lead magnet, which has a specific benefit driven title?


Last time I checked… this wasn’t the case for at least 8 out of 10 websites I saw online…


And that is sad because these sites lose on conversions and all those hours spent on creating quality content go to waste.


You will lose on conversions too if you are not specific enough when defining your audience and creating compelling offers for them.


So, think about that for a moment… Here are my questions for you:


  • Have you chosen a specific market segment that needs or wants your solutions? 
  • Have you created free offers that you give in exchange for your audience’s e-mail addresses?


I hope you have. These are criticial factors for high conversions. Specific solutions for specific audience is the first most important element you need to get right if you are serious about conversions.


Let’s look at the next important factor. Here are 



Four Critical Questions You Must Answer in 3 Seconds or Less to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate


You have 3 seconds to grab your customer’s attention once they get to your website.


Ok, you can give yourself maximum five. But if you do not ‘catch their eyes’ within this short period of time. They will leave your blog for good, which means that your advertising dollars spent on making this person come to your website will be wasted 🙁


It is a well-known fact that people judge from the very first impression. You have probably already heard multiple times that first impression is always the most memorable.


First Impression is Always The Most Memorable. 


Considering that many of you will be investing hard earned dollars and time to get quality traffic, it is critical to know how to make it work.


Remember I said, you have just 3 seconds to make your message memorable and compelling.


If you don’t send a clear coherent message you run a risk of losing your prospect forever. And when it comes to the cyberspace, all it takes is just a click to lose them for good.


So, how does this 3-second rule work? And what do we need to consider if we want to send a clear coherent message in order to increase our conversions?



The 3 Seconds Rule explained…


‘3 Seconds Rule’ explains that when people land on your website, they go through the following questions;


Firstly, they ask themselves unconsciously, ‘What is this?’


So, you need to tell them what you are all about. And you need to do it QUICKLY. If they cannot understand what you are about – they will leave your site without giving you a second chance.

Remember, confused mind always says NO.


Secondly, they ask themselves a question, ‘What’s in it for me?’ So, to get them stay, you need to tell them about the highest most desirable outcome you help your audience achieve.


If you have answered that, they will then wonder, ‘Why should I care?’ In other words, they start evaluating your platform, your message and its relevance to what they are looking for.


Keyword here is R-E-L-E-V-A-N-C-E


Your site should have an offer that is highly valuable and relevant to what they are searching for.


In fact, it should be the answer, the result, the ultimate solution or better a tool that helps them get what they want in life.




Ok, maybe not that fast but as soon as possible 😉 Why? Because we live in an ‘instant gratification’ society. In our new world influenced primarily by the Internet people want quick solutions, magic fixes and fast turnaround.


So, you better have some content that offers actionable information and delivers immediate results. Or, at least makes your audience realise something they did not think about before.


(Just make sure you have some credibility elements such as testimonials in place, to get them to trust you).


Once you answer all of the above, you will need to have a reply for the last one, ‘What should I do?’


And the answer is obvious  – TAKE ACTION!what_can


This action may be to subscribe to get your free offer, give you a call, download your free videos, comment on your blog post and/or most importantly buy your products and services.


But please make sure, you tell them what to do because if you don’t – many won’t take that last critical step. 


That’s it for today! I hope it helps! I really do! I want to hear about your success!


That’s why in the next blog post I am going to share with you the secrets to conversions that many marketers don’t talk about. 

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