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wrench-fig05_x002Follow Your Passion – the Money Will Come?

The worst “business” advice I’d ever come across in my life has got to be “Follow Your Passion, the Money Will Come.”

This advice is particularly disastrous in the marketing world, where it is really easy to sink a ton of time, energy, and money for building your online systems and getting traffic – only to generate average income.

Think about it.

Being well informed and enthusiastic is not enough. You must make sure your market has enough profit potential to meet your financial goals.

So, before you begin growing your brand and building your tribe, take a moment to think about your audience and define your market niche. You need to ask yourself, what do members of your audience have in common? Who are they? How can  help them? What needs and wants do they have? Are they looking for your solutions right now?

It should also prompt you to think, how your solutions meet specific needs and wants of your audience? How are they different and better than those of competitors? The answers to these questions are critical to your success in business.

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